A: You’ll find investment properties on this site discounted 20-50% because of our proprietary marketing systems that get in touch with homeowners who are needing to sell their property. Often times they may be in foreclosure and our company can help them out by buying their house quickly for cash… which is a win-win. Then, we pass the discount along to you.

A: Most properties you’ll find on our site are ones that you’ll never find on the MLS. The MLS is the “Multiple Listing Service” which is where real estate agents list properties for sale. We work directly with the homeowners because many times we’re able to help them solve their problem more quickly and cheaper than listing it on the MLS.

A: We tend to work with people looking for investment properties who are paying cash and who can close quickly. However, if you are pre-approved with a bank and can close quickly… we’ll consider all offers. If you need financing to buy a property you see on our site, contact us today and we can connect you with lenders that we recommend and have worked with before.

A: Simple, head over to our Contact Us page and send us an email or give us a call. We take offers first come first serve… and telephone tends to be the quickest. Once you connect with us and you want to purchase the property, we’ll require an earnest deposit to secure your offer on that property. We’ll answer any of your questions so you feel 100% comfortable and confident in your decisions.

A: We’re always sourcing new investment properties… and add new properties to this site on a continual basis. So, check back often as our properties tend to sell very very quickly.

A: We don’t charge homeowners any fees to help them find a solution. We purchase properties at a win-win price. When you buy an investment property from us, we buy the property at a steep discount, add on our property acquisition fee which is our profit for finding and negotiating the deal… and you pay a still deeply discounted price. A win-win for all.

A: We always let investors know up front, when the deal is presented, the rate we’re offering on a property. Transparency is a foundational element of trust and trust is very important to us.

The rate we offer is determined by 2 main factors. 

  • The total amount invested by the investor.
  • The property itself. Not all investments have the same yields. If we get a better deal, we can pass on a better rate.

A: Some investors selling turnkey properties aren’t really turn-key. You buy a nice looking home and are left to yourself to figure everything else out. 

When we say turnkey, we really mean it. We almost always sell them pre-renovated, with current tenants in place and a property manager. And if we don’t have those things in place, we don’t call it a turn key property. We can even show you up to date rent rolls so you know exactly what your cash flows will look like.

You’ll need to pay for the property, either with cash or financed. And you’ll need to sign the required documents. That’s about it. You don’t even have to walk the property if you don’t want to.


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Investor Stories

"I acquired my first rental property through Mike and his company Constant Cashfow Properties. I live in Indiana and the property I acquired is in Macon Georgia. Macon is a booming real estate market about 90 minutes south of Atlanta…it was a turn key property with everything in place for me to take over. For a brand new investor like myself, the fear of the unknown was pretty overwhelming. I cannot praise Mike and his company enough on how seamless the whole transaction was and the 5 star customer satisfaction that they provided. Unlike other companies, Mike actually walked me through the process and was hands on every step of the way. Made the whole process a piece of cake. Thank you Mike and Constant Cashflow Properties. Can’t wait to do another deal ASAP!"
Adam Westenfeld
“I contacted Mike P and he came out the very next day to look at the property. He was extremely understanding that I knew very little about the home and offered me a fair price. Once the house was under contract, we closed very quickly! Overall, it was a very positive experience.”
Matthew C
"The process was simple for me. I could tell there was a lot going on behind the scenes that Mike was doing to make the acquisition process go smooth, but luckily I didn't have to deal with any of that. Really all I had to do was sign a few documents to get put on title and wire over the down payment to the title company. I love owning a property I've never set foot in, who's tenants I've never met, but I still get cash flow delivered directly into my bank account from every month. It's exactly what I've been looking for, for years!"
Joanna Poss

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