About Canandaigua, New York

Nestled in the heart of the Finger Lakes region is Canandaigua. Best known for its beautiful homes and thriving downtown, the city has only grown in popularity over the years.

Recent data shows that over fifty percent of the Canandaigua population rents- with the Finger Lakes region rapidly growing in popularity, that number is already showing signs of increase. A lucrative city with picturesque views in a well-known region is just about the best place to start with your turnkey real estate investment journey.

About the Finger Lakes Region

The Finger Lakes Region is a broad area in upstate New York, centered around the eleven Finger Lakes. Each Lake has surrounding towns and cities with thriving economies and growing populations! 

The region is best known for its captivating views, wineries, and beautiful homes. In recent years, more people have begun to flock from New York City to begin living in the Finger Lakes region, adding to the desirability of the area. The Finger Lakes region is also home to colleges of all kinds; public, private, and Ivy League. As such, the housing market and economy are always thriving. 

No matter the area, the Finger Lakes region has shown to be a lucrative and stable market for residential turnkey properties and investments.

Our Turnkey Properties

Our turnkey properties are hand selected and expertly refurbished. We only buy the top 1% of below-market deals, and our cultivated selection of single-family rental properties in Canandaigua and the Finger Lakes region ensures that you have only the best to choose from. 

Turnkey investment properties are the perfect option for investors looking for a stream of consistent, passive income. We know you’re busy- which is why each turnkey property comes with vetted tenants in place and a qualified property manager on site. We list each detail for our residential turnkey properties so that you can make the best investment decision. After purchase, we connect you with the current tenants, property manager, and anyone needed to ensure you are set up to begin the most important step: watching your passive income flow in.

Let Us Help!

Constant Cash Flow Properties ensures our residential turnkey properties are straightforward and streamlined. Our team of professionals has over 20 years of combined experience, and we truly thrive on helping others begin (or expand!) their turnkey investment journey. Don’t hesitate to make your secure investment! Call us at 770-288-5297 to get in touch with our team to begin your lucrative journey with investment real estate!