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Exponential Gains

How to use leverage to multiply gains exponentially.


Steps to put your portfolio on autopilot. The secret to passive real estate investing.

Good vs Bad

How to spot a good vs bad investment group to partner with. The only way to truly invest passively in real estate is by partnering with a talented investment group.


Deliver the the tools of the wealthy. Some of the greatest secrets of the rich they don't teach in school.

Accesing more capital

Tapping into even more investment capital than you thought possible.

Payoff your mortgage early

I'll show you how to generate a passive income stream to offset either part or all of your mortgage.

Client stories

"I acquired my first rental property through Mike and his company Constant Cashfow Properties. I live in Indiana and the property I acquired is in Macon Georgia. Macon is a booming real estate market about 90 minutes south of Atlanta…it was a turn key property with everything in place for me to take over. For a brand new investor like myself, the fear of the unknown was pretty overwhelming. I cannot praise Mike and his company enough on how seamless the whole transaction was and the 5 star customer satisfaction that they provided. Unlike other companies, Mike actually walked me through the process and was hands on every step of the way. Made the whole process a piece of cake. Thank you Mike and Constant Cashflow Properties. Can’t wait to do another deal ASAP!"
Adam Westenfeld
“I contacted Mike P and he came out the very next day to look at the property. He was extremely understanding that I knew very little about the home and offered me a fair price. Once the house was under contract, we closed very quickly! Overall, it was a very positive experience.”
Matthew C

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