Benefits Of A High Fixed Rate Return With Extremely Low Risk

Fixed Rate 10% Return

  • Virtually eliminate risk with a high fixed rate vs roller coaster stock returns
  • Legal protection as our lenders become lien holders
  • Lenders know exactly what the investment yield will be before investing a dime
  • Hold periods are typically a short 1-3 months
  • CD level risk profiles while maintaining bull market returns
  • Lien holders are legally required to be paid back before anyone else
  • Fixed rate reliability allows adding leverage, boosting returns beyond belief

Learn How To Erase Your Mortgage With Our Free Mortgage Deletion Calculator

Download our Free Mortgage Deletion Tool

We’ve created this tool to better illustrate how this all works and help you strategize your best way to approach this revolutionary lending option.

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The Math Makes Sense

This comes down to simple math that you can see in our mortgage deletion calculator. The key to making it all work is a reliable way to safely invest at above bull market rates. Which we provide via our 10% fixed rate returns.