10% Fixed rate returns and so much more

Benefits of a high fixed rate return with extreemly low risk

Fixed Rate 10% Return

Learn how to erase your mortgage with our free mortgage deletion calculator.

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We’ve created this tool to better illustrate how this all works and help you strategize your best way to approach this revolutionary lending option.

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The Math Makes Sense

This comes down to simple math that you can see in our mortgage deletion calculator. The key to making it all work is a reliable way to safely invest at above bull market rates. Which we provide via our 10% fixed rate returns.

Our Investor Process

We buy an average of one house every other day. we invite you to join us in the profits by acting as a private lender with a fixed return back to you.

We get to know each other

We like to know who we’re working with. We’ll give you a call, get to know your goals and give you an idea of who we are as well.

We send out a deal

We acquire a property and send out an offer to our private money lenders for a fixed 10% return on all capital lenders allow us to borrow.

You wire the funds

We’ll send you a contract, you’ll wire money and be named as a lienholder on the property title.

Property is improved

We get the property ready for a tenant, get a tenant in place and property management. Then we prep it for sale to an investor. This usually takes 1-3 months.

Property is sold, you get paid

As soon as the property is sold and closed, you’ll get your principal and interest back from the entire investment period.

Investor Stories

"I acquired my first rental property through Mike and his company Constant Cashfow Properties. I live in Indiana and the property I acquired is in Macon Georgia. Macon is a booming real estate market about 90 minutes south of Atlanta…it was a turn key property with everything in place for me to take over. For a brand new investor like myself, the fear of the unknown was pretty overwhelming. I cannot praise Mike and his company enough on how seamless the whole transaction was and the 5 star customer satisfaction that they provided. Unlike other companies, Mike actually walked me through the process and was hands on every step of the way. Made the whole process a piece of cake. Thank you Mike and Constant Cashflow Properties. Can’t wait to do another deal ASAP!"
Adam Westenfeld
Accountant / Investor
“I contacted Mike P and he came out the very next day to look at the property. He was extremely understanding that I knew very little about the home and offered me a fair price. Once the house was under contract, we closed very quickly! Overall, it was a very positive experience.”
Matthew C
Programmer / Seller
I am extremely happy after Investing with Constant Cashflow Properties. Admittedly, I was pretty nervous in the beginning since it was my first time investing in Real Estate but I felt good about the people involved, the protections in place and the numbers made sense. It was easy, simple and the day I got my investment back it was exactly as promised. Communication was great too. I finally feel like I have some control in planning for my retirement. I will definitely continue to invest with them!
Mom / Investor

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