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Mike Oborn

Since 2007, Mike has been involved in over 3000 residential and commercial real estate investments. He founded Constant Cashflow Properties together with Mike Pugliese and currently acts as the CFO.

Over the past four years his companies have acquired over $500 million dollars’ worth of multifamily and commercial real estate around the country. His development investment company, Soar Development Group, acquires infill projects consisting of retail shopping strip malls, warehouse, and office properties.

As a national real estate investment expert, Mike has coached hundreds of investors 1 on 1, and thousands in conference halls across all 50 states and provinces in Canada.

Mike Pugliese

Mike has been investing in real estate for the last ten years. Starting with a tiny $13k property, he and Mike Oborn have built it into a multi-million dollar real estate company. He’s invested in everything from hundreds of single-family homes, all the way to a 4 city block, 7 story multi use commercial development. He’s an expert in wholesale acquisitions, rehabs, turn key properties, and real estate investment coaching.

Mike is a real estate investor with a true passion for the business. Mike has enjoyed training hundreds of thousands of real estate investment students to achieve their financial goals. Mike believes that sometimes people need a little help to achieve their goals by learning from others. Mike believes in education and continues to invest in his own education in all areas of his life. Mike loves his family and friends and enjoys the freedom of real estate investing to spend time with them.

Michael Whiteside

Michael Whiteside grew up in the construction industry in Florida. He’s been responsible for massive growth at Constant Cashflow Properties through acquiring and managing the construction on the majority of our rehab properties currently in the Tampa area. He’s also helped us quickly liquidate properties as he’s been a licensed real estate agent since 2014.

His direct approach has helped him coach thousands along their path to becoming successful real estate investors all across the country. When he became part of constant cash flow properties he was able to add millions in revenue in his first year and has been a big part of the growth of our business. We couldn’t be more grateful to have him on our team. He’s a loving husband and father who loves the mountains, water sports and jiu jitsu.

Where do we find our investments?

We have a team led by our marketing director who’s full time jobs are to put offers on 100’s of below market properties every month. Over time, they’ve built marketing funnels and relationships that deliver large numbers of inventory on a regular basis.

It all comes hand in hand with being able to simply do what you say you’re going to do, something that strangely is becoming harder and harder to find. But as we’ve been able to do things like turn a profit, close on properties, and continue to help others, they’ve continued to deliver better and better deals to us.

2 Main investment options


This is the simplest option for most investors. We give you the ability to become the bank. Lending capital on asset backed loans at a fixed rate return. We offer up to a 12% return and you even get to be put on title as a lien holder, to add to your protection. This is a truly passive option, no nails to hammer, no toilets to unclog at 1 am. You simply loan your capital at a pre-determined rate, and we pay you back once the term is over, which is typically 3-4 months. 


If you prefer to own the property yourself, we have other options for you as well. You’re welcome to buy one of our turnkey properties. They’re already renovated, and have tenants in place as well as property managers. You’re simply taking over a set of future cash flows.

Or the other option is to buy one of our wholesale deals. These are a great option for investors comfortable with the extra work that goes into rehabbing properties.

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