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Busting Real Estate Investment Myths: What New Investors Need to Know

Cartoon image of a man pulling a lever from the side that says "Myths" toward the side that says "Facts" showing fact checking and myth-busting

Starting your real estate investment journey can be exciting, but it’s also natural to feel overwhelmed with all the information. Using our years of experience, we’re here to bust some common misconceptions about real estate investing and provide accurate information to help you feel confident about investing! Myth 1: You Need a Lot of Money… Read more »

Why Location Matters When Investing In Real Estate


We’ve all heard the old phrase, “location, location, location.” but like most of those adages, it’s true! Location truly is the root of it all- outside of the property itself, of course! Below are the location-based questions and factors to consider when investing in property. What Type of Neighborhood Is The Property In? We’re all… Read more »

Rehab Vs. Turnkey: Which Is Best?

A cartoon man holding a coin with question marks above his head, symbolizing his uncertainty on which investment method is best

Both Turnkey and Rehab investments have their unique benefits. While the outcome is universal (profit!), the path differs. Today, we will discuss the benefits of both methods, helping you decide which is best for you. Asset-Backed Lending (Rehab) Rehab properties involve purchasing a property that needs repair or renovation. The goal is to enhance the… Read more »