Top Three Ways Real Estate Investing Triumphs Over The Stock Market

When investing your money, you want to ensure you make the most reliable choice. Without a doubt, that choice is real estate. If you’ve read our blog on the benefits of owning turnkey rentals, you know just how profitable and safe turnkey and rehab investing can be. But many wonder what makes real estate safer and more reliable than stock market investing. We’ve compiled the top three reasons below.


1.     Less Volatile

Every day, more often than not, several times a day, it seems as though there is a new alert about a stock crashing or investors pulling out and tanking it. When it comes to investing, you want a reputable and safe means of investment- which is where real estate reigns supreme. Housing is essential- as such, it will always retain value, making it a reliable investment.

2.     Consistent Monthly Returns

Typically stock dividends are paid out quarterly. Wouldn’t it be nice to see an almost immediate return on your investments? Look no further than real estate. With turnkey real estate investment, not only do you have prolonged and continuous reliable investments, but you essentially get a payout each month. This payout comes in the form of rent checks- more often than not, these checks cover the complete mortgage cost and then some.

3.     Inflation-Resistant

Unfortunately, most of us have seen firsthand how hard inflation is hitting. Investing in real estate is essentially inflation-proof. Property is a tangible asset, and tangible assets are inflation-resistant due to the fact that their value increases in times when money decreases.

Value and appreciation increase can also be attained via increasing rent. For example, your fixed-rate mortgage is exactly that: fixed. So even with inflation, you are paying the same dollar amount per month. However, since inflation is occurring, you may opt to increase rent to match inflation and everything that comes with it (rising costs of maintenance, etc.). Thusly you have more money going toward your fixed mortgage. This appreciation is a great way to stay afloat during economically volatile times.

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