Why Location Matters When Investing In Real Estate

We’ve all heard the old phrase, “location, location, location.” but like most of those adages, it’s true! Location truly is the root of it all- outside of the property itself, of course! Below are the location-based questions and factors to consider when investing in property.

What Type of Neighborhood Is The Property In?

We’re all familiar with the three main community types: rural, urban, and suburban. But within these are more diverse neighborhoods that can impact your rental market. Some types can be:

  • Densely Populated.
  • Up-and-Coming or Transitional.
  • Pedestrian.
  • Destination.
  • Industrial.

What Attraction Features Does The Area Have?

Some towns or cities are centered around their features or proximity to other features. These factors are important to consider when assessing the area and considering what a potential renter may find appealing. Below are some questions to consider when assessing the attraction the area may have:

  • Destination: Is the property located near a popular vacation spot?
  • College: Is the property in a college town? If so, what is the town like when classes are not in session?
  • Local Goods: Are there local shops and restaurants?
  • Activities: Are there activities for each age? For example: parks, playgrounds, nightlife, libraries, pools, museums, etc.
  • Proximity to Essentials: Does the area have schools, doctors, and grocery stores, or do residents need to travel outside of town to have access?
  • Transportation: Is there public transportation? What about bike lanes?
  • Jobs: Are people moving here due to their job? Is there a rising job market or many job opportunities?

After all this, you may be left with one question…

What Should I Do?

All of this can be overwhelming- but don’t worry; we are here to provide an easy solution! Turnkey Property Investment is a fantastic way to invest in property, generate passive income, and familiarize yourself within the world of real estate investment.

At Constant Cash Flow Properties, we only buy the top deals, name our investors on titles, we buy, flip, and sell before the market can shift. Our turnkey properties come with a property manager and tenants in place.

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