Benefits of Owning Turnkey Rentals

Whether it’s your first or your tenth time, the benefits of owning a turnkey rental property are always abundant. Having passive cash flow is what mainly draws people in; however, many other benefits turn one-time investors into investors with multiple properties and streams of passive income.

Owning a turnkey rental property amasses many benefits, but below are the two main benefits you get with owning a turnkey rental!

Help Offset Inflation With Tax Benefits

Turnkey can offer tax deductions that reduce the income tax on your cash flow. Operating expenses, such as property tax, mortgage interest, property management fees, and general repair and maintenance, can be claimed as deductions. In addition, forced appreciation results from a proactive investor with an eye on the market (that’s you!). There’s also forced deprecation- which offers tax breaks resulting from the deprecation of assets.

Secure, Safe Investments

Nowadays, it seems as though every person you talk to has an investment. Conversations and news alerts are filled with topics of cryptocurrency, new startups, and predictions about where to invest next. These tend to be risky investments- in fact, many companies have made headlines lately- and not in a good way. It’s hard to know your best options for investing, but one investment has stayed throughout various economical climates: housing.

Housing is always a secure investment that can remain stable in various economic states. Even though COVID impacted the market, housing remained a stable and secure investment. By investing in a turnkey property, you are ensuring that the tenants have secure housing and you have secure passive income. Outside of their security, another main one is that we at Constant Cash Flow Properties do the research, repairs, and tenant placement.

We also ensure that our properties have property managers in place- so if you’re hours away, you can rest easy knowing issues are being handled safely, quickly, and efficiently. Due to this, it vastly broadens your buying horizons!

When you look at it, there isn’t a downside to owning a turnkey rental.

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