How COVID Impacted The Market

The years after COVID provided us valuable insight into economical trends. Aside from the ever-long supply chain issues, other economical trends, particularly in the housing market, happened as a result. As people began to adjust and consider their wants and needs, the housing market, at first, took some hits- however, as things began to even out, more people began to look into investing and purchasing homes. Below are some of the results of COVID’s impact on the market!

Surprising Switches

Many people took COVID as a sign to reevaluate their priorities. While the transition was certainly difficult, many people recognized the benefits of being home with loved ones or the increased freedom that came with working from home.

This shift in thinking, along with money saved by a decrease in spending, led many people to seek out passive cash flow. Rather than use their money for items such as gaming consoles or clothes, they instead put it towards real estate investment. Some reports in 2022 estimated a record high of people investing in homes.

On the other hand- many people living in apartments realized it might be difficult to work from home in a cramped space. As a result, many took the time to begin searching for homes that would allow them to have space, and allowed for future potential of expanding their family. Since there was extra money due to people not spending, many gravitated towards nicer houses that had recently been redone. To many, a recently renovated home is a sign of good quality- plus, you don’t need to worry about arriving at your new home and being greeted with broken appliances and stained flooring!

With investors buying homes and renovating them, and people seeking out nice homes, it is certainly a win-win situation! When you decide it’s time to begin your passive cash flow journey, give us here at Constant Cash Flow Properties a call. We only buy the top deals, name our investors on titles, we buy, flip, and sell before the market can shift. We offer homes going through rehab, and we also offer turn-key properties! Our team has years of experience and would love to help you begin your journey. We offer our services to those in the Macon, Salt Lake City, and Tampa areas. Our wholesale and investment properties are located across Macon, Salt Lake City, Tampa, Georgia, Utah, and Florida! To get more information, visit us online or call us at 770-288-5297!